Friday, August 23, 2013

The sound of Sept

Wow it has really been a long interesting summer. We have vacationed twice, stayed up late, swam, had some major mishaps but all in all it has been wonderful. Well Connor age 3 driving the car into the house was not wonderful but we lived through it.

Now its back to school time and this year I have two going to school. It has been a long time since I have only had one child at home so I am not sure whether to be excited or extremely sad that my babies are growing up and starting to leave the nest in sense. After all this time of screaming and fighting and messing all day, everyday I am curious to see what I will do with myself now that I only have one child home during the day.

We went to orientation for Jake last night at his school and his teacher looked thrilled to learn that he vomits all the time without warning. I am sure that will be the highlight of her days.

I mostly wanted to just quickly check in with readers and let you guys know that the Crawford family craziness is still continuing, just this year we will all be a little more spread out. Dalton is starting jr. high, Jake will be in kindergarten and we shall see where Con and I find ourselves in the mornings!

Hope you guys have a fabulous/crazy weekend!