Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I miss you too

I have had many people message and ask why I haven't been posting on here lately. I guess people are in desperate need of being reminded that their kids could always be worse. I mean you could have the kid that cut everyone's shoe strings out of their shoes and didn't mention it til you were rushing out the door 15 minutes late for an appointment.

Anyway the past two weeks I have been super busy doctoring everyone up from the flu, celebrating Connor's 3rd birthday and successfully getting him potty trained!! I know, go me :)

Oh and my kids have joined a new play group that I will be catching you guys up on. Its going pretty good so far and the mom that doesn't allow cell phones around her child doesn't make me feel inadequate at all...really! My kids seem perfectly confident and mentally on the same level as the other kids in there so I am assuming I haven't screwed up too bad.

That is what we are all aiming for right? Just keep 'em alive, safe and not screwed up on a Dr. Phill kind of level :)

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