Monday, November 26, 2012

Choose your words carefully

I should know by now that I have to choose what I say carefully when dealing with Jake but sometimes I forget and this is what I end up with...

ME: Jake just put something on we have to go...I don't care what you wear


Happy Monday!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Favorite things

It's a common fact I complain a lot. I am ok with you saying that. I hate messes, I hate poop, I hate screaming, I hate Caillou and I hate that I haven't gone to pee alone in 5 years. I share these feeling quite often to make myself feel better and to help other moms know its ok to have days that you feel like looking up the age limit on the safe haven law.

However being that it is close to Thanksgiving and I am so very thankful for my family I wanted to share some of my favorite things that the kids do. This list is very long and it changes all the time but here are a few.

I love...

that Jake always asks "how was your good day" at the end of every day

that Connor thinks as long as he can't see me I can't see him

that Dalton is singing a solo in the Christmas play

that Jake says all "F" words with a "P" ex: Pood Lion, Put for foot, Peebee for our dog Phoebe

that Connor calls band aids "bird houses" and we all go along with it

that Dalton tells me knock knock jokes every day on the way home from school

that Jake gets so excited and nervous when he is giving someone a gift

that Connor now calls his butt his BUNNY BUN

that Dalton is the smartest kid in his grade at school and possibly on the planet (biased much??)

that at the end of every day Jake turns off the crazy and is so sweet and loving

that Connor won't go to bed without being tucked in first

that even though Dalton is getting older he still loves to hang out with Mom!

If I don't post again between now and then I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Do NOT try this at home...

Let me go ahead and kill your curiosity ..PUMPKINS DO NOT HOLD UP AFTER BEING WASHED ON THE WHITE CYCLE!!

In fact it makes a pretty disgusting mess. Do not attempt to wash your Jack o Lantern in your new Whirlpool front loader. I would not suggest doing it in any washing machine but you are free to use your own discretion.

This message is brought to you in part by...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Is it just me?

Does anyone else have days that you feel like all you get done is saying stop that, get down from there, don't swing on those curtains, get the dog off the table, don't put that in his hair...or yours, NOOOO, get out of that water, stop writing on the walls, please go to the potty next time, stop putting stuff down the vents, leave the tv alone, stop pouring those drinks out, AHHHHHHH

Well I am having one of those days today!!

Scary thing is, its quiet from the other room as I post this. I am certain a disaster is awaiting my return!

In case I have my self committed to an insane asylum before I get to post again and they don't allow computers in the crazy house let me go ahead and tell you all now that I hope you have a great weekend!