Monday, October 1, 2012

You are going to miss this

That is a phrase that I have really started to hate hearing. I mean as if we don't have enough pressure on us we have to constantly be reminded that we are going to regret every single minute that we didn't spend singing lullabies and kissing our kids dirty faces.

I realize that I am going to miss them being home and safe when I have to start letting go but while my two are playing naked hide n seek in the clothes racks at the store is not the time to remind me. 

Please remember that most days I am dirty, sleepy and haven't spoke to another person with any type of volume control in days so I am sure my opinion is just based on the raw feelings of what I am going through in the moment but I am not entirely sure I am going to miss ALL of this.

Oh God I have confirmed your past thoughts of me being the worst parent in the world right? Well let me explain a little further. I think I will miss tiny clothes and holding my babies in my arms and SINGING LULLABIES because yes, I do all that stuff too!! Its just the constant screaming and messing and pooping and not sleeping that I think I will celebrate a little being gone.

Right now I can not focus on the regrets I will have ten years from now for the jealousy I have of people that sleep past 5am and only have to wipe their own butts in a day.

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