Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Good, The Bad and The Sober

People tell me a lot that I am a good mom and of course I think it is the ultimate of all compliments but I am not quite sure what qualifies you as a "good" mom.

Am I a good mom because I read to my kids...even if I actually skip pages because I am too exhausted to read Clifford goes to School one more time.

Am I a good mom because I feed my kids nutritious meals...even if I am counting the eggs, milk and vegetable oil in chocolate cake as food groups.

Am I a good mom because I take my children to museums to broaden our horizons...even if I am too lazy to actually read what the signs say and I just make up things as we go along.

Am I a good mom because I put all their needs above my own...even if I resent them a little for their freedom to bathe and nap whenever they feel like it. (Seriously kids NAPS ARE AWESOME you will realize that one day)

Anyway this list could go on and on and for anyone who has told me that I am a good mom I hope I don't change your mind by sharing some of my "cheating" with you. I personally think I am a good mom too. Now I have set the bar a little low because I take into consideration how incredible insane this job is but I think more mom's are good moms than bad. And even if you are bad once in awhile (like shouting profanities at the dog when it wakes the baby) you still deserve credit for trying.

So if you are with your children as much as possible, doing the best you can do, loving them everyday and are staying sober at least the majority of the time pat yourself on the back because this lady thinks you are a good mom!

Have a great weekend Crazy Readers and don't forget to sign up for the Reading Horizons giveaway.

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