Thursday, September 6, 2012

Its been one of those days

Yes, just one of those days if your spend your days in a MENTAL INSTITUTION!!! We have had a pretty decent week, hectic but ok. Then today everything has gone totally insane. I shouldn't have allowed myself to fall into a false sense of security that my life has finally become normal and manageable but it had been an entire week since we had anyone streak through a public place, pee on anything other than toilets (and the occasional tree), put any live critters down the air vents or break out into a full on brawl in the middle of a store. We actually went to church on Sunday and was not the loudest people there!! It appeared that we were making progress...until today. 

Today has been a nightmare since my alarm went off this morning. It is 9am and I have already broke up about 9 fights, dealt with Jake having a million meltdowns over everything from how much toothpaste he got to who got in the car first to what episode of Fireman Sam Sprout decided to play today and vacuumed a 5lb bag of sugar out of my sofa! Oh and I must not forget to add the chocolate doughnut castle that was left in my kitchen. My house looks like a crime scene!

I think I have a good suspect though!

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