Sunday, August 19, 2012

All on a Saturday Night

Let me just say I LOVE WEEKENDS! I love being free of schedules and I love that my husband is home to wrangle the chaos with me. Even though they still out number us with the two of us we are bigger and stronger and sometimes smarter!

This weekend we only had the two youngest kids because my oldest spent the weekend with my parents. I like when they take one at a time because I feel like it gives that child some special attention plus I get to spend time with whatever two is left at home.

Brian has either gotten over the screaming, vomiting, fighting, spilling and peeing that normally goes on when we go out to eat or its like labor with time you forget how much it hurts because he wanted to go out to eat last night WITH the two little hurricanes.

All in all I think it went pretty well especially considering the kitchen was backed up so we had quite a wait. My children entertained everyone on our side of the restaurant with plenty of high fives and laughing. Typically I hate when strangers talk to them because they will go from sitting silently to swinging from the ceiling fans in a matter of seconds when someone speaks to them but last night they were ok. Connor charmed the crowd with his sweet smiles and heart melting giggles. Jake got lots of laughs with his silly faces and hip thrusting "dirty dancing" fyi NOT LEARNED BEHAVIOR.

So anyway other than a bumped head and Con cutting my finger with a knife dinner was pretty fun! We ended the evening with a quick trip in Walmart (never is quick with two little people) to get bath paint and a product called Squishy Baff. Its the grossest stuff ever if you have never used it but my kids liked it a lot. Jake said it feels weird on your butt but other than that it was fun.

I said I was going to stop using words like naked and nudie because it tricks google searchers into finding my blog when they are probably looking for something more frisky but I can't help it my kids are always naked! At least this time they were actually supposed to be!

Now I am sad that it is Sunday, I can feel Monday's dark dreariness creeping in already!


  1. Having 2 son's of my own + a step son my late wife (passed away April2008) was never without the "entertainment" of 3 boys. She brought two to Germany 3 & 6 year old by her self and I left them in an appartment before I left for the field again. We came home to Texas with 3 and after arriving I wondered how she ever did it with 2 by hersef. Best of luck and my your God have mercy on you and your husband.

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your wife! Its true, I dont know how anyone does it alone. I am so grateful for my husband!

  2. So funny! Those kids really our charmers. -m

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