Saturday, July 14, 2012

You know your a mom when (part 2)

 Oh how life changes after you become a parent. You know the glow of pregnancy is over and the grim of parenting has set in when...

You know a cry that begins with mouth wide open but no sound comes out is going to be pretty serious

You say a secret prayer every time you see anything brown that its "just chocolate"

You always have a full supply of band aids

You have put those band aids on boo boos that don't exist

You call wounds boo boos

You have asked yourself the question "should I shower or nap"

You have bargained with God and 2ft tall bald person for a night of sleep

You have bargained with said 2ft tall bald person to let you have use of your arm for a little while.

You have quite possibly ate more chicken nuggets in the past few years than you did your entire childhood.

You consider anything eaten with utensils "real food"

You have used the phrase "I need in break" sometime in the past week.

And when you do get a break you spend it talking about, worrying about, and missing the 2ft tall bald terrorist that has you this exhausted to begin with!

Happy weekend Crazy readers :)

1 comment:

  1. LOL! I remember those days well. It's so easy to take the simple things like "eating real food," "being able to take a shower, albeit a brief one," and the "use of 1 arm" for granted! What were we thinking?