Thursday, July 5, 2012

When you live in the circus a little boring is a blessing!

Well my day started out like any other, wading threw spilled drinks, wiping butts and breaking up fights but the ending was something completely out of the ordinary. My husband and I went out completely childless!! Wow what an amazing difference. I had forgotten what it was like to actually sit through an entire meal without shoveling food in your face as fast as possible for fear the meltdowns were going to come before you finish your food. I actually heard the waitress speak and didn't have to just read her lips and guess what she was saying. No one dropped their food on my lap or smeared ketchup in my hair. I didn't have to use the crumpled up wipes in my purse to try and clean up the sugar/spit residue from the table because no one licked sugar packets off the table. People actually smiled at us as the were walking in and out instead of the death stares we normally get. I went to the restroom and no one announced to the other people in there that I have no doodle. Nobody argued over who was going to get in the car first after the meal was over before the actual meal was over. In fact the car ride was even quite peaceful. I never realized how crazy it is to go out to eat with kids until I went tonight without kids. This was our first date night out since Jake was a baby and it was so great and even better that I came home to this...

Yes both of them fast asleep and my oldest ready to lay down!! Seeing how I threatened to set my hair on fire earlier today just to get a break out of here I guess it was time to take a little breather and I am so glad that I did. I think we have put ourselves on the back burner too long and babysitters are definately going to have to be a part of our future!


  1. lmao please do not set your hair on fire. I will come watch them anytime so you do not do that. lol!! I love you!!


    1. Lol sounds like a deal and I love you too

  2. This post made me laugh. It's funny how life changes so much when you have children. After this early stage passes you next blog will be all about them as fearless teenagers, that's when your hair really starts to fall out, ha ha ha ha. Nice Post.