Monday, July 9, 2012

Some are leaders and some are just gullible

My oldest son has always been very intelligent and he seems to sort of have an edge over the little ones. They are both smart too but they tend to believe anything he says even when its completely outrageous. Here is a couple conversations so you can kind of get the idea...

Jake (hysterical tone): Dalton just killed me
Me: No he didn't, you are fine
Dalton: Jake, she is just telling you that to make you feel better. You are really dead right now
Jake: more crying....

Jake: Dalton said he can turn into an alligator and eat my head
Me: No he can not. No one can do that. He is just trying to scare you.
Jake: Yeah he said you would say that...

Connor is too little to get in on these conversations much but he is terrified of the "dinosaur" that apparently lives in Dalton's room that will "get you" if you go in without Dalton. By these little tid bits of information I am pretty certain Dalton is training him too!

I wish he wouldn't tell them things to scare them or pick at them so much but I am glad they look up to him the way they do. I don't talk about Dalton much on here because the two little ones are the ones that take up so much of my time but he is a great kid and other than occasionally convincing his brothers that he can magically turn into human eating animals he is a fabulous kid! I just have to teach him to use his powers for good instead of mean ness LOL.

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