Thursday, July 12, 2012

And my favorite kid is...

I spent today with my little sister, aka Mom's favorite, and we had a great time tearing out my bathroom (that part is another story). I can't help when I am with her to think back to our own childhood arguments and petty fights and how very similiar my life is to what my own mother's life was back then. The sound track of her life was "you shut up" "no you shut up" and now I am listening to that same old familiar song with my boys.

Another familiar line from childhood that I heard lately was "he is your favorite" and I immediately could put my self in my own mother's shoes all those years ago when my siblings and I used to throw up that the other one was her favorite. Now that I am a parent of multiple children I realize that there is no such thing as a favorite child in the sense of loving one or the other more because they all annoy you equally! Just kidding...sort of but anyway what I am saying is you really do love all your kids the same. I would give my heart to any one of my kids that needed it without a second thought but in some situations I do favor being with one or the other more.

Dalton is my favorite to watch movies with, go out shopping with and talk about the things going on in our lives. I love how smart and mature he is for his age. He always amazes me at the things he knows and can discuss like a grown up!

Jake is my favorite to just be down right silly with! He is the funniest little guy on the planet. Jake is also my favorite "helper" around the house. I love to do projects with him and watch him bask in his pride when something is done!

And Connor, oh my sweet, sweet Connor is my favorite to cuddle with and hug on. He is still such a baby. He likes to act like a big boy sometimes but he still has such a sweet side that he just makes my heart melt with his every move.

I have been asked several times in the past if I have a favorite child and the answer is YES. It just depends on what day and what is going on on who the answer is! So boys if yall read this someday just know that you all took turns equally being my favorite!!


  1. Such a cute post, and I love how you explain things. They are good answers for when your child says, so & so is your favorite!