Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Some of you are dirty but I like you anyway

I was just reading another blog and it refered to "keyword" searches that bring people to your blog so I had to go check mine out. The number one term people are google searching that is bringing up my blog is "naked" and number two is "dirty"

So apparently some of you guys are looking for something a little friskier and you are ending up here but regardless of how we find each other I just want to take this time to say thank you for dropping in and please don't be naked while you are reading my creeps me out :)

Happy Tuesday "Crazy" Readers and Dirty Nudie Searchers!!

PS I need to say these are actually number one and number two under directly searching Pleasantly Crazy.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

He's a magic man

I have been on a quest lately to have a one on one "date" with each of my kids and this Saturday morning I went out with Jake (the four year old for you new readers). He told me he saved up his money to buy me a bickit (biscuit) and big truck but we settled on Krispie Kreme and a little treat. It did melt my heart that he offered to spend his money on me though and I couldn't help but smile when he pulled out his baggy of pennies to show me he was ready to go!   I love getting to spend time with them alone because that is when the fighting stops and their true personalities really shine through. Plus I get to learn more about their likes, dislikes and the things they are really looking foward to.

Jake informed me that is tired of A B C D E F Gs and is ready to learn to read real books that have this many (holds up 10 fingers) words on each page and he wants to learn what numbers come after 17 because his piggy toe wants a number too.

I loved getting to hear him talk about how his favorite color will always be yellow but he struggles with picking a favorite between Caillou and Fireman Sam. He wants to be a "worker man" when he grows up and he hopes to learn how to do read, write and do laundry at school next year.

We were looking at how water in the sun will make a rainbow when were in the parking lot. I told him that he must be magic to make something that special happen in which he informed me that "magic mans"only make rabbits and I need to pay more attention at story time so I know these things. But while he wasn't pulling rabbits out of his hat  he will probably never know just how magical him and his brothers are to me. They took my plain ordinary life and magically turned it into something amazing by just being in it!

Thanks for one of the greatest "dates" I have ever had! I look foward to many more!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

How many are you?

Jake: Mommy how many are you?
Me: I am all your fingers plus all mine plus all of Daddy's
Jake: Dang thats a lot of pangers...

Yes that is a lot of "pangers" I am a lot of "pangers" I have been 30 for two months today and surprisingly it sucks a lot more than my friends warned me that it would...thanks guys. Well not much has changed appearance wise or really much as far as energy level. I still like who I am and the life I have but its the big fat realization of how fast youth goes by that is getting to me. Its not even my youth that I am concerned about but how fast my children's youth is going by. I mean yesterday I was rocking Dalton in my arms and today he is talking about going to jr high soon. My Jake will be starting kindergarten next year and my baby boy is using the potty...THE POTTY FOR GOD SAKES!!

I am not typically a slow learner so I am not sure why it took turning 30 for me to realize my own mortality but now that I have its all I think about. Every night I go to bed wondering if I got enough in today. Did I teach them enough? Did I hold them enough? Was I too rough on them? Did I handle it right one taped the other to floor?

I don't know if I am just hormonal for some reason or if this is some kind of early mid life crisis but I am having a hard time letting go of the past. I guess I  just want to make sure when the next decade is gone in the blink of an eye like the last one that I have no regrets which I know is probably impossible but I want to do everything possible to give them a happy childhood to look back on and tell their own kids about. Oh and I hope that I never forget the sweet smell of a little boys hair after a day of playing outside!! So if you see me sniffing my kids hair just ignore it I am just trying to absorb in a memory that I never want to forget!

Here's to making memories!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Naked Guys and Solo cups

That title must be a description from a night out of my college days...right? Afraid not! Its actually a description of what happened when I decided to fold a load of clothes in the laundry room, trusting my children alone for 5 minutes.

Is it Friday yet?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Should I stay or should I go

Wow its been quite a week Wait! What? Its only Monday!!! You have got to be kidding. Well when you are home all the time and there is no pay day or day off to remind you, the days seem to run together. I love that I don't have to miss anything with my children but then again I don't miss ANYTHING with my children. There is never a mess that someone else gets or a diaper that I don't change or a plate that I don't make or a drink that I don't refill. I am really struggling lately with wanting to stay home and be with them every minute and wanting to have a little bit of a life of my own. I am really missing working outside the home lately as crazy as that sounds.

I love knowing I am available whenever any one of them is sick or has an appointment. I love being the main care giver. I enjoy all our park, museum, Sweet Frog, water park, swim, late night, movie, nature trail, library days and wouldn't trade the memories I have of the past 5 years for anything in the world but I also love making my own money, lunches out with co workers, the hustle and bustle of a job. I really miss the companionship I have had with co workers in the past.

In one way I think I must need to be medicated to even think about working seeing how most days I don't have time to take a shower or put on "real" clothes. I know taking on any other projects would probably push me over the edge but I think I am ready to give it a try...maybe.

I don't just want to get a break from my kids even though being around people that always urinate in the bathroom and never gets naked and tries to glue themselves to my dogs does sound relaxing that's not the only reason. I just miss the independence having my own job gave me.

On the other hand, I know I will miss my kids so much and I am not sure after being their main squeeze for the all their lives any of us would handle the separation too well!


Friday, July 20, 2012

It's my blog I'll cry if I want to

I don't want to sound like a whiner or give anyone reason to "tweet" that stay at home moms complain all the time but HOLY COW I am exhausted and stressed and dirty and in serious need of conversation with a person that speaks in a tone anywhere below a full blown scream. I know, I know get over it lady but my whole house looks like this

my bathroom is still mid construction, I haven't worn pants that button in three days and I am pretty sure whatever that is in the baby's hair is going to require scissors to remove. I am so overwhelmed right now I don't know where to begin or how to stop wondering around in a circle praying for some magical fairy to come down with ear plugs and take away the mess and whatever that is spilled all over the kitchen floor that I just threw a towel (or possibly a shirt) over out of pure disgust. Its days/weeks like this that maybe drinking would be a good idea. I don't I am not in recovery or anything, I just choose not to drink but I am seriously starting to rethink that decision.

In another attempt to escape the work site that my home has become I did take the kids to the park today. And other than three or four fights, two bee stings and one fall we had a pretty good time. Plus I got tons of great pictures!

What is the purpose of this rambling post you ask? Well honestly I don't know. I guess if falls into the catagory of sometimes you laugh to keep from crying and sometimes you blog about your day to keep from pulling out your hair and jumping naked through a window.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Great exercise!!

If you don't drag all the pillows and blankets in your house to the living room and dive naked in them everyday you totally should...

Because apparently it leads to some great sleep!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Now that's more than I can "hand"le

After this eventful doctor's visit last week

we had lots of gloves left over so I decided to make them some "water hands" with them and it proved to be more than little Con could deal with.

Jake ended up with both hands because Con still will not touch them. Oh and you have to excuse the undies. If you have been reading then you know by now that clothes are not very popular here.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

You know your a mom when (part 2)

 Oh how life changes after you become a parent. You know the glow of pregnancy is over and the grim of parenting has set in when...

You know a cry that begins with mouth wide open but no sound comes out is going to be pretty serious

You say a secret prayer every time you see anything brown that its "just chocolate"

You always have a full supply of band aids

You have put those band aids on boo boos that don't exist

You call wounds boo boos

You have asked yourself the question "should I shower or nap"

You have bargained with God and 2ft tall bald person for a night of sleep

You have bargained with said 2ft tall bald person to let you have use of your arm for a little while.

You have quite possibly ate more chicken nuggets in the past few years than you did your entire childhood.

You consider anything eaten with utensils "real food"

You have used the phrase "I need in break" sometime in the past week.

And when you do get a break you spend it talking about, worrying about, and missing the 2ft tall bald terrorist that has you this exhausted to begin with!

Happy weekend Crazy readers :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

And my favorite kid is...

I spent today with my little sister, aka Mom's favorite, and we had a great time tearing out my bathroom (that part is another story). I can't help when I am with her to think back to our own childhood arguments and petty fights and how very similiar my life is to what my own mother's life was back then. The sound track of her life was "you shut up" "no you shut up" and now I am listening to that same old familiar song with my boys.

Another familiar line from childhood that I heard lately was "he is your favorite" and I immediately could put my self in my own mother's shoes all those years ago when my siblings and I used to throw up that the other one was her favorite. Now that I am a parent of multiple children I realize that there is no such thing as a favorite child in the sense of loving one or the other more because they all annoy you equally! Just kidding...sort of but anyway what I am saying is you really do love all your kids the same. I would give my heart to any one of my kids that needed it without a second thought but in some situations I do favor being with one or the other more.

Dalton is my favorite to watch movies with, go out shopping with and talk about the things going on in our lives. I love how smart and mature he is for his age. He always amazes me at the things he knows and can discuss like a grown up!

Jake is my favorite to just be down right silly with! He is the funniest little guy on the planet. Jake is also my favorite "helper" around the house. I love to do projects with him and watch him bask in his pride when something is done!

And Connor, oh my sweet, sweet Connor is my favorite to cuddle with and hug on. He is still such a baby. He likes to act like a big boy sometimes but he still has such a sweet side that he just makes my heart melt with his every move.

I have been asked several times in the past if I have a favorite child and the answer is YES. It just depends on what day and what is going on on who the answer is! So boys if yall read this someday just know that you all took turns equally being my favorite!!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Who dunnit??

When something happens at our house there is no point in asking "who done it" because all your are going to get is three poker faces and three different suspects.

Me: Who painted the rabbit? Who spilled this drink? Who put cookies in the bath? Who put all these Triscuits in my chair? Who stuck can biscuits to the sliding glass door? etc etc

Dalton: Jake

Jake: Connor

Connor: Dalton

That is typically how things go but now they seem to have found a new culprit! Today I when I went in Jake's room the conversation went a little differently than usual...

Me: Who wrote on this wall

Jake: Caillou did it and then he played in your blinds...I think he needs a time out.

Me: Looks like he is already getting one

Poor Caillou...your in for it now!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Some are leaders and some are just gullible

My oldest son has always been very intelligent and he seems to sort of have an edge over the little ones. They are both smart too but they tend to believe anything he says even when its completely outrageous. Here is a couple conversations so you can kind of get the idea...

Jake (hysterical tone): Dalton just killed me
Me: No he didn't, you are fine
Dalton: Jake, she is just telling you that to make you feel better. You are really dead right now
Jake: more crying....

Jake: Dalton said he can turn into an alligator and eat my head
Me: No he can not. No one can do that. He is just trying to scare you.
Jake: Yeah he said you would say that...

Connor is too little to get in on these conversations much but he is terrified of the "dinosaur" that apparently lives in Dalton's room that will "get you" if you go in without Dalton. By these little tid bits of information I am pretty certain Dalton is training him too!

I wish he wouldn't tell them things to scare them or pick at them so much but I am glad they look up to him the way they do. I don't talk about Dalton much on here because the two little ones are the ones that take up so much of my time but he is a great kid and other than occasionally convincing his brothers that he can magically turn into human eating animals he is a fabulous kid! I just have to teach him to use his powers for good instead of mean ness LOL.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

In my Sunday best

Took Jake out to get him some shoes today...maybe I shouldn't have let him solely make the decision but he used great logic. He got shoes that are "fancy" and allows him to jump in puddles...

Can't argue with multi purpose shoes!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Self Portrait

My kids all three love arts and crafts. That is a hobby that we all get into together and  I get some pretty nifty pictures to hang on my refrigerator pretty much on a daily basis but I also get tons of marks on walls and furniture that I don't appreciate near as much. We actually repainted our kitchen not to long ago because of random art work and within the first week of the fresh paint Jake decided to "decorate" the freshly bright white pantry door with a portrait of me since the kitchen is my "pavorite room" (his words, not mine). I was furious because of all the hard work we have put in but he was so proud of how much "it looked just like me" (again, his words) that I really couldn't go through with much punishment. He was told to please keep his art work in paper form until he is famous enough to make a living painting on people's walls.

This is obviously not an accurate interpretation of me. Her hair is far more put together than mine ever is!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

When you live in the circus a little boring is a blessing!

Well my day started out like any other, wading threw spilled drinks, wiping butts and breaking up fights but the ending was something completely out of the ordinary. My husband and I went out completely childless!! Wow what an amazing difference. I had forgotten what it was like to actually sit through an entire meal without shoveling food in your face as fast as possible for fear the meltdowns were going to come before you finish your food. I actually heard the waitress speak and didn't have to just read her lips and guess what she was saying. No one dropped their food on my lap or smeared ketchup in my hair. I didn't have to use the crumpled up wipes in my purse to try and clean up the sugar/spit residue from the table because no one licked sugar packets off the table. People actually smiled at us as the were walking in and out instead of the death stares we normally get. I went to the restroom and no one announced to the other people in there that I have no doodle. Nobody argued over who was going to get in the car first after the meal was over before the actual meal was over. In fact the car ride was even quite peaceful. I never realized how crazy it is to go out to eat with kids until I went tonight without kids. This was our first date night out since Jake was a baby and it was so great and even better that I came home to this...

Yes both of them fast asleep and my oldest ready to lay down!! Seeing how I threatened to set my hair on fire earlier today just to get a break out of here I guess it was time to take a little breather and I am so glad that I did. I think we have put ourselves on the back burner too long and babysitters are definately going to have to be a part of our future!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sippys, wubbas and rock n roll

To all of my friends and readers that are celebrating the 4th today please remember to be safe with your fireworks, DO NOT drink and drive, and if I ever get pictures of you doing naked karaoke I will blog about it!

Happy 4th of July from this "Crazy" family!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

It's a nudie day in the neighborhood

One big issue that I am having lately with my two youngest boys is keeping them dressed. I actually should not use the word "lately" since this has been an on going issue for a while now but their age makes it a little more noticable.

They strip down at every possible moment and other people being around doesn't seem to phase them at all. I have punished and rewarded equally and both in vain. I have noticed that it's a monkey see monkey do situation as far as the youngest following in Jake's naked foot steps.

This is a conversation I had with Jake earlier today and I thought I had really made a break through

Me: Jake you need to wear your underwear and pants. You are a big boy now and that is what big boys do

Jake: Oh big boys wear pants. Is it the law?

Me: Yes, Yes it is the law

Jake: Ok big boys wear pants cause its the law of the world

Wow that was easy enough...right? I mean you would think no one at 4 years old would break a law serious enough to be considered a law of the world (whatever that means). Well if that is what you think let this picture be your proof of how very very wrong you are!

Sunday, July 1, 2012