Thursday, June 28, 2012

You know you're a mom when...

Anybody can give birth. Yeah that part is painful but it's a walk in the park compared to the actual parenting that begins after the fact.

You know you have finally became a parent when...

Your shirt now doubles as clothing and a tissue/napkin

You no longer sit to consume food

You no longer notice your hair hasn't been brushed nor washed since God knows when

Make up is something for special occasions for yourself (whatever those are)

Poop is part of your daily conversations

Pee pee diapers are a pleasant surprise over the other option

You catch your self using words like pee pee, potty and nite nite even when talking to adults

You wipe other people's butt more times a day than your own

Going to the grocery store alone is equal to a day at the spa

You know more about what is happening on Sprout than the popular reality shows

Sleeping in your husbands arms turns into sleeping under two toddlers body weight

Romantic candle light dinners turn into Chuckie Cheese visits

Bathing becomes more of a social event than a private one

Your girl's night outs turn into lunch at the playground

Going anywhere in public turns into touring every public restroom in town

You are no longer surpised to find yesterday's cheese sandwich shoved anywhere in your home.

Drawings on your wall are more common than home decor

You find yourself stopping the tv on Nick Jr for a quick re fresher on your daily Dora!

For anyone reading this that is saying "my kids won't be as bad as hers" or "I would never let my child do that" Let me go ahead and tell you YES they will be and YES you will and you will love every minute of it :)

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