Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Packing my crash helmet for sure!

Wow its been a busy week already and there are no signs of things slowing down! We have done Father's Day with my dad, his dad and him. Then yesterday the kids and I had Brian a birthday dinner and it was really great! The kids were on their best behavior when their grandparents came over which is very rare. I don't know what it is about Grandpa but normally Jake goes completely insane at the sight of him but yesterday was pretty nice. I only had to re wrap the gifts twice and only one of my children ended up with ice cream in their hair (and it was their OWN hair)...can you say SUCCESS!

I always try to make all my family feel special on their birthday. I am pretty good at pinning down a gift they will like and semi-ok at keeping it a secret. My sister nick named me the Gift Goddess a few years ago and I really love it- its totally appropriate to wear fairy wings with a name like Gift Goddess right? Anyway one thing that always tops things off is the perfect cake and I have an excellent cake lady! If any of you are local you should really check her out. Her cakes are beautiful and delicious. She has done all of my cakes for the past couple of years and I am pretty picky.
                                                    Click here to check her out!

Now that the birthday stuff is over I have to pack for our family vacation. I am super excited about taking the kids to the beach because they always have such a great time but it makes me super nervous going with the adults being out numbered by kids. I have a hard enough time taking them to Walmart and keeping up with everybody and my sanity!! I always get this anxious feeling before we go out of town but so far every trip has turned out amazing but now they are bigger and stronger and faster....oh no LOOK OUT MYRTLE BEACH THERE ARE THREE HURRICANES HEADED YOUR WAY!

I may not have time to post for a couple days. I know, I know it's tragic but I won't be gone long. I wanted to leave everyone some inspiration for their week while I am gone.

Be a little daring

Clown around sometimes

And hold tight to the ones you love

Have a great week "Crazy" Readers!

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