Friday, June 1, 2012

Too close for comfort

My first two kids were almost 6 years apart and it was a breeze. The oldest was old enough to be excited about the baby and not at all jealous but I felt bad because they were so far apart it seemed they didn't have anything in common. So in comes the third baby 21 months later and my breeze turned into a full on hurricane!

Kids close together, especially two of the same gender, has obvious benefits. For instance I get to pass down tons of clothes and toys. They get to have birthday parties together and its easy to find activities of similar interests since they are typically into the same things. Now as lovely as that sounds just know there are definite down sides as well that I didn't count on.

Now I fully expected the challenge of having two in diapers at one time and possibly a little jealousy over my attention but I thought the benefits of having two that would be best playmates would out weight the negative. I am starting to think I was wrong.

Apparently I missed the article in What to Expect when You are Expecting that says your two toddlers will fight all day long over everything. My two youngest fight over EVERYTHING. From who gets to open the door to who gets to get in the car first. The fighting starts first thing in the morning over who gets what sippy cup at breakfast and toddlers are born with the ability to find a difference in items that adults see as identical.

I am sure this too shall pass but right now its the biggest obstacle I run into with the two of them home in the mornings together. I really dream of the day that they just play together in harmony but for now I guess I will just continue to break up the tug a war battle every minute of everyday


  1. My oldest two are a boy and girl but I too thought being only 18 months apart they would eventually be great playmates. At age 9 and almost 8, I am still waiting... Good luck

  2. Ohhh NOOOO I thought it was almost over at 2 and 4!! This war zone is starting to take its toll on me lol