Sunday, June 17, 2012

Time Marches On...

On holidays I can't help but imagine my boys as grown men and fathers. I wonder what they will look and what career paths they will take and what their wives will be like. They are all so different now I wonder how they will be as adults. Its sort of bitter sweet to think these thoughts but I cant help it. I see how fast these years have gone by and I know how fast the next decade will go by.

It won't be long we will say good bye to Santa and the tooth fairy and hello to girlfriends and fast cars. Carefree moments of them strolling nudie through the sprinklers will turn in to curfews and nights out with friends.

The days of cartoon movies in the living room together will turn into horror flicks with buddies at a theater and begging to go for pizza afterward. The nights of everybody co sleeping in mom and dads bed will turn into crashing at a friends house because its more fun.

Homemade superman capes hung on their shirts will turn into whatever trendy gear is in at the time (Dear God please don't let be skinny jeans or saggy pants and I might make it through) Funny little crocs and rain boots will turn into over priced insanely ugly tennis shoes.

Sweet little notes in a lunch box will turn into love letters and text from some potential girlfriend. Nite Nite kisses from mommy and daddy will turn into romantic good night kisses from a young love.

Baby soft cheeks will turn into prickly stubble and razor cuts from a beginner shaving. Scooping them up in my arms will turn into having to look up to make eye contact.

It breaks my heart to even have the thoughts of letting go. I plan to hang on to these moments as tight and as long as I can but its inevitable that they will grow up. They will go through heartaches and heart breaks no matter what. Maybe our advice and guidance will save them some but probably not. Somethings are just part of life.

My biggest hopes and dreams for my boys are they grow up to be responsible and learn from their mistakes, they remember only the good times from their childhood and they become fathers like the one they have.

Happy Father's Day to all the father's out there past, present and future. Savior the moments you have with your kids and your fathers because time marches on no matter how hard we strive to make it stand still.


  1. How true! It seems like only yesterday my boys were babies!

    Happy Belated Father's Day
    Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!

    1. Thank you so much Veronica and it goes by far too fast for me! I wish I could keep them little a while longer.