Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rain is only good if you are a plant

Well its raining and for some people that means a relaxing day inside or frizzy hair if you have to go out but for me it means 14 straight hours of messes, fighting and answering the question of "when is the sun coming out."

If you read my blog then you already know what kind of week I have had and if this is your first time reading then just watch the first 30 minutes of  Saving Private Ryan and imagine them all in poop diapers and shooting cap guns and you will get a good idea of what its been like. My children are on some type of mission this week to make me lose whats left of my sanity and the last thing I needed was a rainy day.

I know I know you are sitting there picturing these two sweet little toddlers sitting Indian style on the floor watching Tom and Jerry re runs quietly while I neglectfully read a magazine on the couch. Well wipe that fantasy away and lets talk reality. My boys are outside kind of guys and when they are trapped in ITS NOT PRETTY and I haven't laid on the couch in 9 years.

The fighting is so much worse and the disasters are non stop. Just in the past hour my two naked children..yes I said naked because I gave up on clothes about 35 dressings ago...have flooded the bathroom, spilled two drinks, poured out the coffee creamer, broke my fake tree, pulled two pictures off the walls, destroyed their rooms and pulled out all the plastic bags out of recycle. At least I don't have to work out tonight because I am sure I have burned half a million calories trying to stop some of this chaos (thats me, always finding a silver lining). We have managed to work in a pre k lesson for Jake, read a couple books and work on an art project until Con pee'd on it and put a halt on that.

I swear its days like today I think I should take up a drinking but its the days that are smooth and easy that keep me going and sober but who wants to hear about that? The madness is what you come for isnt it? I am kind of OK with being the lady that people say "well at least she understands where I am coming from"  Well I am going to cut this a little short for now I just heard Jake say "that looks neat in the toaster" and I am positive its not a good situation waiting on me.

Have a great day and pray for sunshine....

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