Friday, June 29, 2012

Pull it on over...

Does everyone remember when you were little and how scary it was when you heard the words " I am going to pull this car over?" I remember being terrified of what would happen if mom actually had to pull over.

Well the days of that being a scary sentence is over because pulling over is just a natural part of my trip ANYWHERE we go now. It's actually not even a matter of whether or not I am going to pull over it's a matter of how many times we are going to pull over.

When my parents threatened to pull the car over our response was "no please don't, we will be good"

When I announce that I am pulling over my children's response is "yeah do dat, can we get out, where we going, can I move seats, he kicked me, buckle me back up too, hand me that ball, can you get my cup, why did that stranger whistle at you, why are you sweating, you hot mommy, I'm hot too, can we stop and get a drink, I need some food too etc etc etc...lather, rinse repeat 5 minutes down the road.

All this is annoying but I do savior the few seconds of silence as I walk around the car from their door back to mine!!

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