Thursday, June 14, 2012

Press 1 for English

I am your typical mother that just naturally assumes my children are the smartest kids in the world and every accomplishment they make is a definite sign that they will be world famous scholars someday. I do however realize that right now we speak a form of alternative English. Here some examples of things that would need to be translated for those that speak the traditional English language.

Obvious ones:

Wa Wa = water
Ba Ba = bottle (which yes I know is a word we shouldn't even have with a 2 year old but get over it)
Shared = scared
Dock= dark
Doe = door
Hippy Dup = sippy cup
tookie = cookie
eva tang = everything

Harder ones to decipher:

dardane = airplane
pickles = nipples
gar goos = goggles
ice cack = ice cream
dino whore = dinosaur
red traunt = restaurant
butt cack = exactly what you are thinking and with three boys yes this is a common term
himmy suit = swim suit
heap dad = Leap Pad
Pire man Ham = Fireman Sam
Hi You = Caillou
Red Fereal = Lucky Charms
Yight On = Light on
Pong = phone
Pooter = computer
hamie hamie = shamey shamey
wee wee, pee pee, weiner, doodle = well I will let you figure that one out

The way kids talk is one of my favorite parts of them being little! It makes me sad that I can't remember all the ones they have said over the years. I guess I take longer than you should to start correcting them but I can't help it! It makes me sad that my Dalton has got big enough to now be the one correcting us over grammar instead of the other way around! I wish I could just keep them little forever.

PS It may be a little while before I post again. My computer may just explode when I hit the spell check button on this post!!

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