Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I am so ashamed to say that I put my child in danger today. My heart is still so hurt that I made such a careless mistake but I am sharing it in hopes that it will save someone else from the same mistake.

We were all swimming and having a great time but they all started getting hungry and tired so we were preparing to get out and go inside. Jake took his swimmy off before we were out of the gate...MISTAKE NUMBER ONE.

I told him to sit down that we were not jumping in the pool in dry clothes to get him (Dear God I hope everyone knows I would jump in a pool of lions to get him, I just meant for him to sit down) Anyway he sat down and was fine until I turned my back....MISTAKE NUMBER 2 and the biggest of all. NEVER EVER EVER turn your back on a child next to water. My heart is so broke that I did something so stupid but I was getting the other kids ready and just talking. There is no excuse but it happened...

He jumped in the deep end with no swim safety gear on but before I could even see or process what had happened he SWAM. I don't know if it was angels pulling him or somehow he really taught himself to swim but he was climbing out before I could get to him!!!

Other than a little water in his nose and a little coughing he was just fine but I am not sure I am ever going to be ok again. I am so sorry to you Jake if you ever read these blogs that I was careless in taking care of you and for anybody else please realize how fast a tragedy can happen. Yes I realize that I am dramatic but I also see the million "what ifs" in the scenario and that is what will keep me up at night.

Even though I am horrified I am also extremely releived that nothing major happened and I got to learn two HUGE lessons. Never turn around for even a second around water (which I typically wouldn't do anyway) and never take life for granted because it can change in the blink of an eye.

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