Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Its a lose/lose

Well this morning was a complete disaster. I wanted to take the kids out for a morning of shopping for their dad's upcoming birthday and reward them with a trip to the museum and Sweet Frog. I should have known after they got in a full on brawl in the bathroom floor because Jake got toothpaste put on his brush first that it was probably not a good idea but I was trying to be optimistic...BIG MISTAKE on my part.

Our first attempt to leave the house we made it about four feet from the door when Jake fell in a mud puddle and Con jumped in for the heck of it, so back inside to change we go. Second attempt to get in the car was not a total failure, only a slight melt down over seat belts and who won the race of getting in first but nothing I couldn't handle. On the twenty minute drive from our house to Hobby Lobby it was a constant flow of fighting over whether we would watch a video or listen to a song and Connor chiming in with his pointing out of EVERYTHING we pass. RED LIGHT MOMMY, BIG TRUCK MOMMY, RADIO, NOOOO CAILLOU, STOP SIGN MOMMY, WA WA MOMMY, MUSIC, NOOOO MOVIE and so on and so on. However me being the positive Patty that I am was sure bribing them with ice cream would do the trick once we got there but again BIG MISTAKE.

Immediately upon our arrival the two little ones are already fighting over who was going to ride where in the double stroller even though both eventually jump out regardless and I am stuck pushing this 200 lb bus with one arm while grabbing children with my free arm. Once that chaos had passed we make it in the store and this is where the true meaning of this blog begins....

On one aisle I am struggling to keep the kids in the stroller with both screaming to the top of their lungs and flailing around like I am trying to give them a tranquilizer or something (which may not have been the worst thing) and a stranger; with no children with her mind you, says to her friend "those kids need some discipline." Discipline for bad behavior...Thank you Captain Obvious I never thought of that one!!

Two aisles down the store both kids are now out of the stroller running two separate directions and grabbing everything in site. I reach down and take a very expensive picture from Jake and popped him on his butt and put him back in the stroller for about the 45th time. This time a new stranger says "I never had the heart to spank mine, I think its pitiful to hit a child" I wanted to reply Oh really, that's sweet and what prison are they in, but Connor was already running away so I missed my opportunity! And a swat on the rear is not really a "spanking" in my opinion but anyway.

Talk about being damned if you do and damned if you don't!! This is why I always say to do what you feel is right because no matter what you do somebody is going to disagree. If you see a parent out with a screaming child or having a hard time getting the situation under control instead of giving them the stank eye or your judgement give them a little praise even if its just silently to your self. At least they are there trying their best!

Oh by the way, we did make it to Sweet Frog because after the third time the stroller was tipped over, the second time Jake unbuckled his and Con's car seat and the last fight over the radio I was definitely in the mood for some emotional eating!!


  1. Sounds like a typical venturing out for you and your "gang" LOL

  2. very good point!