Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Is it the moon or me?

Is something going on in the universe that is making everything crazy today? Like one of those mops standing up kinda things? My day has been insane and its only lunch time. I immediately wake up to one that pee'd in the biggie accidents happen and then the other poops in the floor. Which definitely adds a damper but wouldn't have been near as bad had he not tried to clean it up himself. Have you ever seen a two year old clean something tends to not be pretty. So sheets to the laundry, baby to the bath we go. While I am washing my smelly two year old my precious Jake stops the toilet up and its running everywhere which Connor takes as a perfect time to dump more water in the floor from the bath. Do you see how this day is going so far?

Ok ok so the best cure for a bad morning at home is to get out some right?
W R O N G! I decided to take them down to the bowling ally for a couple hours to help relieve some of the stress the morning had brought because its cheap and wouldn't be crowded this early in the day. At first it seemed like a good idea! Other than a few balls down the wrong aisle and a clogged water fountain everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. We have lots of pics like these....

 And right when I almost thought about relaxing a minute this one happened...

Yep Con dropped his ball on his toe (only after being told at least 480 times to keep his shoes on) So needless to say the massive amount of screaming cut this trip a little short. Now we are home and somewhere between the second and third paragraph of this blog Jake made himself a beard with Elmer's glue and potting soil and Connor rubbed his entire body down in ranch dressing. I am still recovering from a 3 day bout of food poisoning so all I hope for is to just make it through the rest of this day with everybody in one piece.


  1. I wonder what the night will bring ?? LOL

  2. Well the afternoon has brought a black eye and one covered in gas from the utility building so I am almost afraid to see!!