Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mt Everest may be easier

Well I am on my 6th day in a row of not having any help here due to my husband working long hours and I feel like I have been in a mosh pit on roller blades with my hair on fire for the past week. I probably look like it too! I would post a pic of that but I don't want to scare off new readers. I have lost track of the last time I washed my hair and I am pretty sure I have gum or jelly on my butt but since I haven't sat on it in the past 144 hours I am not too concerned. Even when Brian comes home at 5:30pm I still do the majority of the child rearing but he is a very hands on dad so I do get a break when he is here. At least with him here I can leave the room without fear of them spraying the house with a fire extinguisher or putting the cats down the air vents...yes both has happened in the past...twice three times.

The one thing that has kept me from jumping naked into on coming traffic this week is knowing that Brian is coming home eventually. I can't help but think and feel for the moms that doesn't have a saving Grace coming to give them a break. Don't get me wrong I love my kids and would gladly spend my life alone with them if I had to but I would be a liar (and so are you) if I tried to say parenting is a breeze and always la dee da. Your needs and wants don't change just because you gave birth, they just become far less important.

FYI just in the time its took me to type these two paragraphs Jake has gotten in the freezer and treated himself to some garlic bread and Cool Whip and Con has took his clothes off (again) and unfolded the three loads of laundry I had folded on the table. Oh and kindly covered the kitchen in the recycle bags. Can you really blame for wanting a minute alone or a shower without being asked "did your doodle fall off"

It's not just the break that I miss when my husband isn't home. It's the companionship, the team mate and someone to blame for these wild kids! I sure couldn't image going through life without him and I wish that every child out there had a great dad like Brian and every woman taking on this mountain sized task called parenting on her own had a shoulder to lean on. You girls are brave and deserve more credit than you get!

Oh well I better go for now and get my little men ready for a day of outdoor fun and celebrating the fact that DADDY IS COMING HOME!!!

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