Monday, June 25, 2012

Flying high and running fast

Wow where do I start? So as most of you know we left for family vacation Wednesday and it was quite an adventure! We had a great time but a very hectic trip that began by staying in what can only be described as the Bates Motel and ended with a bout of food poisoning...all the stuff in between was great though.

The kids did their usual fighting over everything and I learned that they will go into a full on brawl over who gets to push the button on the elevator. Of all the things to do on vacation apparently that is one of the funniest because we had that fight several times a day. It also matters who opens the door first to any room we walk in and who gets in and out of the car first. For some reason they think there is a prize for being the first at anything!

Other than the fighting things went pretty smooth. Brian may beg to differ because he is still shocked at our children's behavior and energy level since he is gone through the week. Its an unusual adventure to him to have to get up 10 times through lunch and plunge a toilet 9 times in one day and make a child stop barking at the waitresses but its just second nature to me by now.

Their adventurous spirits are starting to rub off on me though. No I am not saying I am going to start streaking through any place possible I just mean I am starting to try things that I have never done before because of them. I am 30 years old and have never flown before until this weekend when they talked me into it and I have to say I absolutely loved it...maybe streaking is more fun than I think. I love that they are not even a decade old and have already done more than I have done in 3!

Going on vacation with them can be exhausting and there are no moments of just sitting by the beach and relaxing. Its pretty much a constant flow of running, playing and messes not much different than home. I won't even go into the details of the food poisoning cause I am sure you can imagine what a disaster that was but I will say it involved lots of pull overs in the car and sand buckets by our seats.That was definitely the worst part of the whole trip and I know it sounds like a lot of trouble to go through with all the packing, unpacking, crying, fighting, puking and screaming and you are right but there are just those moments like this one...

that make it all worth it!!

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