Sunday, June 10, 2012

Eat, Drink and be Crazy

Well let me start off by apologizing to anyone who has been in a restaurant at the same time as my  family. Dinner out is a whole new experience when we go out with all three of our kids. This adventure usually includes somewhere between 7 to 8 trips to the restroom, at least 3 spilled drinks, the occasional spilled plate, the opening of 95 sugar packets, several total melt downs and an early trip to the car for me with at least one and possibly two children. We do tip well though if that's any consolation to the poor server stuck with waiting on us or cleaning up afterward. We could just eat at home but I figure everyone should get to share in all these blessings of ours once in a while. Plus I like a challenge :)

Contrary to what everyone is hoping for I am happy to report that we made it through an entire dinner last night without any major issues other than some volume control but I don't consider that a set back since I am sure I am partially hearing impaired by now. If I leave a meal without being thrown out and with minimal food in my hair I consider it a success!

We then decided to reward the troop with a trip to play putt putt and games since their behavior was moderately acceptable at dinner and had a great time! My four year old, Jake hit the jackpot on one of the games. Of course when the siren went off he immediately hid and said "oh no I droke it" Thank goodness this was one time a siren was going off because they did something good! They all won tons of tickets which was great except for the hour it takes them to decide whether they want blue plastic frog or a yellow one only to change their mind no matter which they pick. I seriously took less time picking out a college than they do picking out a sucker flavor!

All in all yesterday was a great day and I love the days we all five get to spend together! Well I just heard someone ask "ewww is that poop" so I better go solve this mystery.

Before I go let me say I hope all of you are...

                                                          LIVING CAREFREE



Happy Sunday "Crazy" Readers...thanks for returning!

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