Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cheese balls are a veggie...right?

Everyone is on a health kick everywhere and I also agree that eating healthy is very important but with kids it's not always easy. Somedays (like today) when it's 104 degrees and we are in the middle of several home improvement projects whether or not they eat their peas just isn't a priority for me. In fact on a normal day I am lucky if they at least get an equal amount of food in their body that they get on their clothes, hair and face. I just pick my battles and today what they eat ain't one of them. Yes I know I am a horrible person (and no mother of the year award) but look how cute he looks eating his blizzard and drinking his Diet Coke he had for dinner....

Now before you have a cow just know that I did offer him real food he just refused it and I have a far more nutrious meal of hot dogs and cheese balls planned for tomorrow. My oldest son said "cheese puffs are cheese and air...what's not healthy?" And for this weekend with all that is going on, I am ok with that logic!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. That Blizzard looks good. I think all of us moms have to play the game of fiurin out how to get our little ones to eat veggies. But when it is 104 degrees I can see that a refreshing drink is all that anyone would want. :) I look forward to following your blo! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  2. I'm just happy when my daughter eats anything! Toddlers are so picky!

  3. Yes Amanda I feel the same way! Somedays it is a challenge even with my older kids to get them to eat something good for them.