Friday, June 15, 2012

But its baby proofed!!!

We were not the parents that ran through baby proofing everything when we had Dalton. It was enough with Dalton just to put something up a little higher or close a door and he got the point but these last two are a total different story. They get into everything and by everything I mean they take your pictures off the walls, flush your favorite shirt down the toilet, play in 3 different 10 pound bags of sugar because it tastes better than sand, cover themselves in pine sol and roll in the ashes of the fire place, put all their brothers clothes in a box and pee on them, sneak out of the house to play at 6am, feed anything within reach to the outside dogs, spray your kitchen with a garden hose and throw every single remote in the house down the air vents...all true stories and those are just the ones I remember off hand.

Now like I said we weren't ones that ran out to spend a fortune on baby proofing because our kids were not going to do such things. You know those perfect children you picture in your head before your real ones are actually born? Gosh those kids are great! Unfortunately they only exist in the minds of people that don't yet have children.

We have now bought every latch, lock and cover possible and yet they are STILL getting into everything. Just this morning Jake colored the bottom half of his body with a permanent marker and Connor has "spiked" his hair with honey mustard. He looks like a unicorn and smells like mold. This happened because my Mutant Ninja children have learned to unscrew the latches and they use the broom to get down anything they can't reach. I swear I feel like I can't blink my eyes some days without opening them to a disaster!

So much for baby proofed!