Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Well it's not snowing

My morning started at 5:55am (which is sleeping in for us) with both of my youngest children Jake 4 and Con 2 dressed and ready to go swimming even though it was barely 60 degrees outside. I told them about 74 million times over the next hour that we had to get the oldest (Dalton 9) to school and then we would see. After our daily 20 minute fight of who is going to ride where and what dvd is going to be played we were all buckled in to go on our 6 minute journey to the elementary school in which Jake asked another 40 or 50 times about getting in the pool. When we returned home we had to go through another fight about who is going to get to open the door and then of course who is going to get to close it. It didn’t take long into the second bowl of cereal (because the first one was spilled, of course) for Jake to remember that it was 8am and we STILL were not in the pool. I gave the reasoning that it was too cold out right now as to which he responded “well its not snowing” What kind of dummy tries to reason with a 4 year old? Now I know a more sane parent would be stern and just say no but maintaining sanity is a hard task sometimes. So for today I am putting cleaning aside and going to sit by the pool because hey, its not snowing!

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