Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This is how I do it

One of the main questions I get asked all the time especially by people that have met my children is How do you do it?
By that I assume they mean how do I wrangle these wild heathens everyday and still maintain hair and eyebrows and a clean criminal record. So I am going to finally answer as best and honest as I can.

I allow myself to be human and not some super unemotional power ranger that can only feel the joy of mother hood. There are a lot of other feelings that come along with mother hood that people don't warn you about and not all of them are rainbows and butterflies. I have gone through feelings of frustration, sadness, resentment, anger and bucket loads of guilt. Guilt most of all over everything. But when I am feeling a negative emotion I let my mind and body go there for a minute but I don't drown in my sorrow and start looking at the blessings in my life and its not long those familiar emotions that everyone knows a mother has comes right back. You know the ones...pride, love, joy, happiness, peace, fullfillness etc etc.

I take breaks whenever I can. Now remember that I have been home for 5 years with all males that speak an alternative version of English so its safe to say I am slightly socially retarded so I don't mean a break has to be a huge ordeal. Most of the time a break for me is just leaving the kids with my amazing husband and going to read in a bubble bath for an hour but occasionally I do get out for a girls day and it just re energizes me for a long time!

I pick my battles with my kids. All three of my kids are hard core. They all have strong willed personalities and honestly I hope they keep them. If I fought them on every little thing we would be fighting all day so I rank the importance of things. If it effects your sleeping, eating, schooling or behavior toward others we will fight about it. If you choose to wear yellow rain boots with a Christmas sweater vest in June, have at it! Who am I to cramp their style?

I make no apologies for my choices or decisions I make for my family and kids. I don't wait to get the approval of others that are not living here. At the end of the day (and some of them are long, crazy, messy, dirty face, sticky hand days) I have three healthy, happy, intelligent and well adjusted boys and that is all the proof I need that I am doing an ok job.

This by no means is intended to be an advice article I just wanted to share my personal feelings of parenting and honestly they change everyday. A good friend told me recently (and she better be reading my blog) that the best mothers are the ones that stick by their kids and still love them in spite of, she is a smart gal ;) Anyway, stay tuned for more and I will be adding lots of different things to the blog over the next few weeks!


  1. Love it I am the one that tries to please every one around mebut since I have had Camden I don't care what people think anymore I am living for my kids love ya girl

    1. Thanks Kesha and I love you too! You are a great mom and I can't wait to see the boys this summer!

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  3. I love this! I think this is so true, you are very patient and stuff with your kids. such a good mommy :D


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