Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lets talk about sex baby

And by sex I mean the baby gender kind. Sorry to get your hopes up but this blog is PG. I am glad I got your attention though!

As most of you know I have three boys and its looking like a great possibility that I will never have any girls. This is a fact that people seem to think that I am devastated about. I used to get really offended at times like today when people ask about my children and I tell them I have three boys and they reply by blessing my heart. I now realize that boys just get a bad reputation and no one can believe that your life can be complete without a child of your same sex or that you can not see your self in a child that is not the same as you and its not true.

Don't get me wrong I still walk by the cute little tutus at the mall and dream of the day that I can do hair bows and dance class but I don't regret the three healthy boys that I do have. I don't feel like I am missing out. My kids are such a blessing...a very loud, disastrous blessing but a blessing none the less. And little boys are sweet and I have something in common with each of them. Dalton has my rocket scientist intelligence ;) (ok, ok maybe I am exaggerating but he is super smart) and he is sensitive and caring like I always have been. Jake has my attitude and love of laughter plus he has movie star good looks but I won't take credit for that. Oh and my precious sweet Connor. Connor is absolutely an angel on Earth which he may not have gotten from me but he has the huge blue eyes and curly blonde hair that is the spitting image of my baby pictures.

When it comes to sex some people are lucky and get one of each or two of both or however many of whatever kind they wanted but most of the time that just isn't the case. If before I had the kids I have now I could have chosen I would probably have picked to have one of each but now that I have them I wouldn't change it for nothing in the world except to maybe add another but don't tell my mother or husband I said that. I don't think the world is ready for another one of my offspring just yet! Anyway I just wanted to tell the world that I am perfectly happy, no need for blessing my heart or handing me sympathy. I have three HEALTHY boys and even though I won't get to do matching manicures or pick out prom dresses I am still very complete. Plus I remember being a teenage girl and I wasn't near the sweetheart that I am now so I would probably have a very anal retentive daughter if what goes around comes around. I have my hands full enough without any karma coming into the mix!

I want to live a life of being happy with what I have got and love the ones I am with! Everything else can be put on the back burner til we see what the future brings.

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