Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lets talk about sex baby

And by sex I mean the baby gender kind. Sorry to get your hopes up but this blog is PG. I am glad I got your attention though!

As most of you know I have three boys and its looking like a great possibility that I will never have any girls. This is a fact that people seem to think that I am devastated about. I used to get really offended at times like today when people ask about my children and I tell them I have three boys and they reply by blessing my heart. I now realize that boys just get a bad reputation and no one can believe that your life can be complete without a child of your same sex or that you can not see your self in a child that is not the same as you and its not true.

Don't get me wrong I still walk by the cute little tutus at the mall and dream of the day that I can do hair bows and dance class but I don't regret the three healthy boys that I do have. I don't feel like I am missing out. My kids are such a blessing...a very loud, disastrous blessing but a blessing none the less. And little boys are sweet and I have something in common with each of them. Dalton has my rocket scientist intelligence ;) (ok, ok maybe I am exaggerating but he is super smart) and he is sensitive and caring like I always have been. Jake has my attitude and love of laughter plus he has movie star good looks but I won't take credit for that. Oh and my precious sweet Connor. Connor is absolutely an angel on Earth which he may not have gotten from me but he has the huge blue eyes and curly blonde hair that is the spitting image of my baby pictures.

When it comes to sex some people are lucky and get one of each or two of both or however many of whatever kind they wanted but most of the time that just isn't the case. If before I had the kids I have now I could have chosen I would probably have picked to have one of each but now that I have them I wouldn't change it for nothing in the world except to maybe add another but don't tell my mother or husband I said that. I don't think the world is ready for another one of my offspring just yet! Anyway I just wanted to tell the world that I am perfectly happy, no need for blessing my heart or handing me sympathy. I have three HEALTHY boys and even though I won't get to do matching manicures or pick out prom dresses I am still very complete. Plus I remember being a teenage girl and I wasn't near the sweetheart that I am now so I would probably have a very anal retentive daughter if what goes around comes around. I have my hands full enough without any karma coming into the mix!

I want to live a life of being happy with what I have got and love the ones I am with! Everything else can be put on the back burner til we see what the future brings.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Its bad...really, really bad

I have been a mother for almost ten years so its safe to say I have seen my share of illnesses and boo boos but this past couple of days beat all. My life has been a complete sleepless whirlwind of poop, puke, itchy (ness) and crying...oh so much crying. Yes a little of it was me but most of it has been the kids. After a five hour wait at the ER I heard the words I hope to NEVER hear again.



I never realized how long a child could actually go without sleep or silence but its pretty close to 48 hours in case you are wondering. And even then it took a second trip to the ER, 3 prescriptions, 700 renditions of hush little baby and at least 300 episodes of Caillou to knock my two year old out for a few hours. Of course my kids are Mutant Ninja Kids that haven't ever done things like other peoples kids so yours may sleep after just one day of screaming but I pray you never find out. Its pitifully sad to see your child in any discomfort and know there is nothing you can do about it.

I did have good company at the hospital with me and I am very appreciative of that. My sister stuck out both nights with me and was so helpful and kind. I questioned if I was going to make it through unmedicated and they are MY children but she stuck in there making up lullabies and rating the doctors handsomeness like a pro. Oh get off your high horse...who doesn't check out a doctor every now and then? He was probably only cute in our delirious exhausted minds anyway but it was a great distraction from the massive amounts of death stares we were getting from everyone that was wishing my child would stop wailing. I really hate when people do that, like you are enjoying this baby screaming its butt off two inches from your face but that's another post.

Anyway today seems a little better so I am confident that tonight will go well and I fully intend on keeping my children massively sanitized (like gloves and masks) from now on. Kids are nasty little kritters that just naturally attrack every germ within a 10 mile radius...maybe I should just consider investing in real life Bubble Boy lifestyles for mine!

Monday, May 28, 2012

With age comes wisdom

First of all I must say I have had a FABULOUS birthday weekend! I have celebrated turning 30 with the most amazing people on the planet! And yes by celebrated I mean I have ate birthday cake 3 times a day and haven't even mentioned the word calorie much less burned one but its been so great I will worry about that later. Thank you again to you to the moon and back :)

I haven't been 30 long enough to say much about it but I do like being older and have for several years now. I love being old enough to be perfectly ok with being in pajamas on the couch at 8:30pm on Saturday. Being a wife and mother is the perfect job for me. I far more enjoy Carowinds, playgrounds and Sweet Frog over clubbing (if people still do that) and dating and wearing real shoes. FYI, I would wear flip flops to a funeral if I could and if you don't know what Sweet Frog is, look them up on Facebook and go there asap. THEY ARE AMAZING :)

Anyway some of the big lessons I have learned over the past few years is

Be friends with anybody til they give you reason not to. It doesn't matter about some one's past or appearance. All that matters is whats in their heart!

People are always going to have something negative to say. Haters goin' hate (me keeping my street cred) but the best way to deal with negativity is to just don't listen to it. The only opinion of you that matters is your own.

And finally, anything that requires your hard work and determination usually has a pretty sweet reward in the end

I hope all of you guys have a HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! Be safe, love the people around you and love yourself :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

30's Eve

Well here I am in my final hours of my twenties. I am not panicking or overly sad at the fact that the days of blaming dumb actions on being "young and dumb" are over. I am not going to do anything drastic out of a serge of desperation to prove I am still the same woman I was 5 or 10 years ago. Blogging about it (and possibly several facebook posts) will be the extent of my desperate acts.

I actually have no desire to be the woman I was 10 years ago. My boobs may beg to differ but I am ok with their new lower location so their opinion doesn't count. I am glad to be over the selfish, worried about society's opinion of me stage. I like that I have finally reached an age that I am confident in who I am. I have enough life experience in things to be able to trust my own judgement and I like being enough years older than my sister that I can torture her with phrases like "when I was your age"

Now don't get me wrong I am not going to be up at 12 tonight cheering at the fact that I am one year closer to colonoscopies and dentures. I am just saying I am not going to be up pulling my hair in pigtails doing body shots as a last ditch effort to retrieve a feeling of being 21 (maybe pigtails was a bad example but you get the point). Chances are I will be asleep when 30 brings itself to my life tonight but before I go to sleep I will look at the blessings that my twenties brought me like my 3 beautiful children, my wonderful husband, my home, my animals etc and I will be grateful. So even though I feel a little sadness when I reflect on the days that are gone. I can't help but be excited about what lies ahead!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I practically have PH.D by now

As parents we teach our kids everything from how to potty to how to drive a car because that's our job but I am pretty sure they have taught me ten times more than I will ever teach them! There are the obvious lessons like unconditional love, patience and selflessness but there are tons of other things too. For instance without my boys I would not know how to get gum out of some one's ear, how to remove wet jelly beans from wispy curls, or that a kiss and a Lightening McQueen band aid will cure 90% of all ailments. I know what you are thinking...why is she not a surgeon?

I have learned to look for the fun in something plain and boring and that sometimes you are going to fall down but you can get right back up and anything you touch to your butt is rightfully yours :)

Anyway what kind of self respecting blogger would I be if I didn't include some inspiration occasionally

If you never work through the climb of life...

You never find out what kind of fun is waiting for you at the top!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This is how I do it

One of the main questions I get asked all the time especially by people that have met my children is How do you do it?
By that I assume they mean how do I wrangle these wild heathens everyday and still maintain hair and eyebrows and a clean criminal record. So I am going to finally answer as best and honest as I can.

I allow myself to be human and not some super unemotional power ranger that can only feel the joy of mother hood. There are a lot of other feelings that come along with mother hood that people don't warn you about and not all of them are rainbows and butterflies. I have gone through feelings of frustration, sadness, resentment, anger and bucket loads of guilt. Guilt most of all over everything. But when I am feeling a negative emotion I let my mind and body go there for a minute but I don't drown in my sorrow and start looking at the blessings in my life and its not long those familiar emotions that everyone knows a mother has comes right back. You know the ones...pride, love, joy, happiness, peace, fullfillness etc etc.

I take breaks whenever I can. Now remember that I have been home for 5 years with all males that speak an alternative version of English so its safe to say I am slightly socially retarded so I don't mean a break has to be a huge ordeal. Most of the time a break for me is just leaving the kids with my amazing husband and going to read in a bubble bath for an hour but occasionally I do get out for a girls day and it just re energizes me for a long time!

I pick my battles with my kids. All three of my kids are hard core. They all have strong willed personalities and honestly I hope they keep them. If I fought them on every little thing we would be fighting all day so I rank the importance of things. If it effects your sleeping, eating, schooling or behavior toward others we will fight about it. If you choose to wear yellow rain boots with a Christmas sweater vest in June, have at it! Who am I to cramp their style?

I make no apologies for my choices or decisions I make for my family and kids. I don't wait to get the approval of others that are not living here. At the end of the day (and some of them are long, crazy, messy, dirty face, sticky hand days) I have three healthy, happy, intelligent and well adjusted boys and that is all the proof I need that I am doing an ok job.

This by no means is intended to be an advice article I just wanted to share my personal feelings of parenting and honestly they change everyday. A good friend told me recently (and she better be reading my blog) that the best mothers are the ones that stick by their kids and still love them in spite of, she is a smart gal ;) Anyway, stay tuned for more and I will be adding lots of different things to the blog over the next few weeks!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Well it's not snowing

My morning started at 5:55am (which is sleeping in for us) with both of my youngest children Jake 4 and Con 2 dressed and ready to go swimming even though it was barely 60 degrees outside. I told them about 74 million times over the next hour that we had to get the oldest (Dalton 9) to school and then we would see. After our daily 20 minute fight of who is going to ride where and what dvd is going to be played we were all buckled in to go on our 6 minute journey to the elementary school in which Jake asked another 40 or 50 times about getting in the pool. When we returned home we had to go through another fight about who is going to get to open the door and then of course who is going to get to close it. It didn’t take long into the second bowl of cereal (because the first one was spilled, of course) for Jake to remember that it was 8am and we STILL were not in the pool. I gave the reasoning that it was too cold out right now as to which he responded “well its not snowing” What kind of dummy tries to reason with a 4 year old? Now I know a more sane parent would be stern and just say no but maintaining sanity is a hard task sometimes. So for today I am putting cleaning aside and going to sit by the pool because hey, its not snowing!