Friday, August 23, 2013

The sound of Sept

Wow it has really been a long interesting summer. We have vacationed twice, stayed up late, swam, had some major mishaps but all in all it has been wonderful. Well Connor age 3 driving the car into the house was not wonderful but we lived through it.

Now its back to school time and this year I have two going to school. It has been a long time since I have only had one child at home so I am not sure whether to be excited or extremely sad that my babies are growing up and starting to leave the nest in sense. After all this time of screaming and fighting and messing all day, everyday I am curious to see what I will do with myself now that I only have one child home during the day.

We went to orientation for Jake last night at his school and his teacher looked thrilled to learn that he vomits all the time without warning. I am sure that will be the highlight of her days.

I mostly wanted to just quickly check in with readers and let you guys know that the Crawford family craziness is still continuing, just this year we will all be a little more spread out. Dalton is starting jr. high, Jake will be in kindergarten and we shall see where Con and I find ourselves in the mornings!

Hope you guys have a fabulous/crazy weekend!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Nature, Nurture and other crap

While this isn't meant to be an educational blog and I have no experience child psychology I do feel experienced enough to say that everything you read about parenting is total crap. In the past 11 years there is very few things I haven't seen, done or wiped up so I can say with absolute certainty that a good 75 percent of kid's behavior doesn't have anything to do with what they have been taught by their parents or anything that just comes natural.

For instance JAKE. For those of you that know me personally kind of already get where I am going with this one but for everyone else I will catch you up. Jake is a gorgeous, sweet child with a wild side a country mile long. He is always into something and will do the most horrendous, embarrassing things at any moment. Like jump up on the table at our new play group and begin dirty dancing like he is auditioning for the 2 Live Crew reunion.

This is something he has never seen ANYONE do. Maybe some ridiculously ugly dancing with a mop and some singing that probably borderlines attempted murder occasionally when I am cleaning but definitely no hip thrusting!

My main point of sharing this experience is so maybe the next time you are out and some child is running through a restaurant clearing tables or diving naked into the ball pit at Chuckie Cheese instead of immediately deciding he must have a horrible mother lean over and wave HI at me because I am certain those will be my kids!

Seriously try and be a little understanding that most parents really try to do the best they can and chances are they want their kid to stop doing whatever annoying thing they are doing at the moment as much if not more so than you. So maybe just put your Ipod in your ears or give an encouraging nod to let them know you acknowledge that they are trying. At least they are out with their kids and not curled up in the fetal position wearing a week old pair of flannel pajamas! Plus you never know when you may in that person's same position.

Be kind, be forgiving and pay no mind to the little boy dirty dancing in the super man undies!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I miss you too

I have had many people message and ask why I haven't been posting on here lately. I guess people are in desperate need of being reminded that their kids could always be worse. I mean you could have the kid that cut everyone's shoe strings out of their shoes and didn't mention it til you were rushing out the door 15 minutes late for an appointment.

Anyway the past two weeks I have been super busy doctoring everyone up from the flu, celebrating Connor's 3rd birthday and successfully getting him potty trained!! I know, go me :)

Oh and my kids have joined a new play group that I will be catching you guys up on. Its going pretty good so far and the mom that doesn't allow cell phones around her child doesn't make me feel inadequate at all...really! My kids seem perfectly confident and mentally on the same level as the other kids in there so I am assuming I haven't screwed up too bad.

That is what we are all aiming for right? Just keep 'em alive, safe and not screwed up on a Dr. Phill kind of level :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Birthday Wishes!!

Both Jake and Connor have birthdays coming up in the next few months so we are already talking about gifts, parties etc etc. Everyone in the house is in agreement that will be doing just a family only party since we are going to go to Disney World for their actual birthday. I do plan on getting both kids a little something to open on their special day so they still feel like their day was individually recognized. So this morning I had this conversation with Jake

Me: Jake what do you want for your birthday?

Jake: A spray mop like yours and a shell like a turtle

Me: You are a strange little guy sometimes

Jake: Its a strange world mommy

How can you not LOVE this kid??

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Well its the day after Christmas and I am up to my eyeballs in toys and laundry. Jake is naked except for new fireman rain boots. Connor has some thing in his hair that looks like a half eaten candy cane but I don't have the energy to examine it. Dalton is playing in his room with all his new video games and I am sitting here grateful for another perfect Christmas with my three crazy, insane, hyper, beautiful, smart, HEALTHY little boys!

In light of the Newtown tragedy I have found it hard to even complain about anything my kids do. My  heart, prayers and much sympathy go to the families of the victims. 

I have learned to never take a minute for granted!!

I hope all of you guys had a very Merry Christmas and you have a happy, safe New Year!

We will be going into the new year as loud and crazy and we went out of the last one :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Choose your words carefully

I should know by now that I have to choose what I say carefully when dealing with Jake but sometimes I forget and this is what I end up with...

ME: Jake just put something on we have to go...I don't care what you wear


Happy Monday!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Favorite things

It's a common fact I complain a lot. I am ok with you saying that. I hate messes, I hate poop, I hate screaming, I hate Caillou and I hate that I haven't gone to pee alone in 5 years. I share these feeling quite often to make myself feel better and to help other moms know its ok to have days that you feel like looking up the age limit on the safe haven law.

However being that it is close to Thanksgiving and I am so very thankful for my family I wanted to share some of my favorite things that the kids do. This list is very long and it changes all the time but here are a few.

I love...

that Jake always asks "how was your good day" at the end of every day

that Connor thinks as long as he can't see me I can't see him

that Dalton is singing a solo in the Christmas play

that Jake says all "F" words with a "P" ex: Pood Lion, Put for foot, Peebee for our dog Phoebe

that Connor calls band aids "bird houses" and we all go along with it

that Dalton tells me knock knock jokes every day on the way home from school

that Jake gets so excited and nervous when he is giving someone a gift

that Connor now calls his butt his BUNNY BUN

that Dalton is the smartest kid in his grade at school and possibly on the planet (biased much??)

that at the end of every day Jake turns off the crazy and is so sweet and loving

that Connor won't go to bed without being tucked in first

that even though Dalton is getting older he still loves to hang out with Mom!

If I don't post again between now and then I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!